So, you have been told that you need to seek out Richardson gum disease treatment. Where do you start?


At Watson Family Dentistry, we are experts in all dental matters, from Richardson periodontal treatment to traditional fillings, and even cosmetic procedures like whitening. Gingivitis treatment in Richardson TX does not have to be complicated, painful or overly expensive.


Instead of guessing, choose the family dental practice that has been operating for decades in your area — connect with Watson Family Dentistry today to get started with your gum disease treatment in Richardson TX.


How to know that you need Richardson gum disease treatment


Many of our clients do not realize that simply having inflamed gums can become a serious matter that causes ongoing health problems. Without managing your gingivitis quickly, you could require more intensive Richardson periodontal treatment.


So, how do you know that it might be time to have your gum disease addressed? First, most clients notice that their gums are red, tender, and swollen. Gums that bleed easily, even when gently brushed, may also be considered to have a gingivitis issue. Additional indicators that you could need periodontal treatment in Richardson TX include:


  • Bad breath, also known as halitosis, because of excess plaque growth
  • Receding gums
  • Teeth that are sensitive to cold
  • Loose teeth


Your Richardson gingivitis treatment can range in intensity from a simple deep-clean under the gum line to a course of antibiotics, or even surgery.


You simply will not know how to address your Richardson gum disease treatment until you come in for an assessment. Instead of allowing the discomfort to escalate, why not visit Watson Family Dentistry today? We can provide you with the answers you need to successfully attack your gingivitis and periodontal disease. Contact our team now to get started with your gum disease treatment plan.