Plano same day crowns are the cutting-edge technological solution to your dental woes. At Watson Family Dentistry, we know that you simply do not want to wait when you are suffering with dental pain and discomfort.


Instead of struggling through a long, drawn-out wait for your dental appliances, why not consider a dentist that offers Plano same day dental implants? This innovative technology is less-invasive, faster and more satisfying for the vast majority of our patients. We help you achieve the results you want in the time frame you deserve. When you need a quick response to your dental discomfort, it is time to connect with Watson Family Dentistry for your same day crowns in Plano TX.


High-tech dentistry used to create Plano same day crowns


Drs. Jim and Mat Watson have been practicing dentistry for a combined 45 years, but that does not mean that they are stuck in the “old way” of doing things.


Our dentists saw that clients were having to suffer through weeks of discomfort with temporary crowns and appliances, so they decided to learn more about Plano same day dental implants. Now, our satisfied clients are able to leave with a crown or implant right away — no more pain, no more waiting. Same-day crowns offer a variety of benefits over traditional options, including:


  • A more comfortable imaging process — no molds or casts required
  • Ability to stay in the dentist’s chair while your molds are completed
  • Success rates that approach 100 percent
  • Long-term durability and attractive appearance, just like traditional crowns


Our qualified dental team can help you determine whether Plano same day crowns are the right fit for your specific needs. Get back to eating the foods you love, and stop having to wait around with temporary crowns, thanks to the innovative methods employed at Watson Family Dental. We can’t wait to help you feel better. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or assessment.