Give your gums the care that they need by relying on the knowledge and experience behind Watson Family Dentistry’s Plano gum disease treatment.


A surprising number of adults grapple with diseased or unhealthy gums — some of them don’t even know it. By allowing these issues to fester, you could contract serious oral health problems in addition to potentially losing teeth. It doesn’t have to come to that, and our Plano periodontal treatment will make sure it doesn’t.


With regular trips to see our team at Watson Family Dentistry, you will have the critical eyes of seasoned dentists on your teeth and gums. Whether you need gingivitis treatment in Plano TX or you even would like to re-shape your gums for a more aesthetically pleasing smile — we can help.



Our gum disease treatment in Plano TX is a resource for men and women of all ages


You’re never too young —or too old — to focus on taking care of your gums. This not only means regularly brushing and flossing but relying on effective periodontal treatment in Plano TX to address problems is certainly helpful as well.


At Watson Family Dentistry, we don’t just administer Plano gingivitis treatment and other important treatments, but we educate our patients o how they can maintain healthy, beautiful teeth and gums.



Take aim at gum diseases with our Plano gum disease treatment


While our team is available to administer our Plano periodontal treatment, you can take proactive steps to avoid this fate yourself. For instance, consider some of the following causes of gum damage and disease and work on avoiding these factors. They include:


  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Grinding teeth
  • And more


We’d love to talk to you more about our Plano gum disease treatment, and the many ways we can cover the dental needs of everyone in your family. Contact our office staff with your questions, concerns or to book an appointment.