Make sure you work with a dentist that implements Plano dental digital imaging within their practice. Detecting, diagnosing and treating developing problems within your teeth and gums is vital — addressing a problem early enough ensures that it won’t spiral out of control.


With the Plano digital dentistry made available through Watson Family Dentistry, our team of doctors and support staff are able to do exactly that. With our cutting edge imaging and dental laser treatment in Plano TX, you can rest easy knowing that you, and your family, are receiving the most effective treatment possible.



Benefits of dental digital imaging in Plano TX


Digital radiography is a more sophisticated X-ray technology than the traditional means. Through digital dentistry in Plano TX, dentists have the ability to:


  • Gain access to detailed images of your teeth and gums right away — there is no waiting. This is convenient to both our team and our patients. Through Plano dental digital imaging, we are able to pull up radiographs right away and discuss the results.
  • Through Plano digital dentistry, the team at Watson Family Dental is also able to spot even small, developing areas of decay. These are areas that traditional X-rays may not have detected, which means we are able to address the problem before it gets worse — because, it will get worse.
  • Digital imaging also makes for quick, convenient and reliable record keeping. These images can be easily saved and transferred around to any dentists or other medical professionals that need to take a look.


Through our digital imaging and Plano dental laser treatment capabilities, Watson Family Dental is highly effective in finding, and addressing, your teeth and gum issues so that you can maintain superior oral health.


Do you have questions about our Plano dental digital imaging? Would you like to schedule an appointment for you or a family member? Whatever you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at Watson Family Dentistry.