Are you interested in learning more about Plano cosmetic dental surgery options? At Watson Family Dentistry, we offer a wide range of cosmetic options that allow you to keep your natural teeth intact.


These cosmetic procedures include a root canal in Plano TX, which can improve the appearance of a tooth that has “died,” eliminating unsightly discoloration. From Plano cosmetic veneers to tooth whitening and overlays, Watson Family Dentistry has it all.


We can support your overall dental health with preventive services, while offering additional cosmetic options to improve your appearance. Let us serve as your dental home in Plano!


How Plano cosmetic dental surgery can improve your appearance


Many of our clients are just as afraid of routine cosmetic procedures as they are of a root canal in Plano TX — but cosmetic dentistry does not have to be invasive.


In fact, dental veneers are some of the lowest-impact options, but they offer an amazing difference in your appearance. With the help of the Watson Family Dentistry team, you can choose among:


  • Veneers, which are shaped like natural teeth and used to overlay your own teeth
  • Inlays and onlays, which can eliminate dark spots and chips, while strengthening the natural tooth by about 75 percent,
  • Bonding, which restores chipped or cracked teeth
  • And even at-home whitening using an easy, gentle bleaching procedure


You do not have to suffer through a massive cosmetic dental surgery in Plano TX to receive the results you want. Instead, consider the lower-impact Plano cosmetic dental services that will suit your individual needs.


The Watson Family Dentistry experts in Plano cosmetic dental surgery can help you find the right fit, improving your appearance and giving you the confidence you need and deserve. Still not sure whether cosmetic options are right for you? Contact our team now to get started with an assessment.