Are you concerned about the quality of your Garland same day crowns? Many of our clients are hesitant to seek out Garland same day dental implants because they are nervous that these dental appliances will not be “as good” as those that take time to manufacture.


However, the truth is that same day crowns in Garland TX deliver the same long-lasting protection as those that are created in a far-off laboratory. The only difference? You get your crown or dental implant faster, meaning that you suffer through less inconvenience and wait time. Stop settling for a dentist that makes you wait weeks before you can receive your implant, and start working with the team at Watson Family Dentistry.

Quality that surpasses a temporary crown: Garland same day crowns


When we talk about Garland same day dental implants, many of our clients simply think we are referring to the temporary crown or appliance that is often used as a placeholder until the “real deal” can be applied. Nothing is further from the truth.


In fact, our same day implants and crowns have the same durability, long-lasting appearance and ruggedness that comes along with the tradition models — we just deliver them faster. How does it work?


  • Our Watson Family Dentistry team uses a small camera to create a 3-dimensional rendering of your mouth, including the affected tooth.
  • With that information, we use a sophisticated computer system to build a crown or implant that is specifically designed for your anatomy.
  • Our dentists are specially trained to adjust the dental appliance to your mouth’s configuration. Now, instead of waiting weeks for your dental appliance to be complete, you can wait just a few hours.


Stop suffering through the discomfort that comes along with temporary replacements, and start feeling better right away with the help of our Garland same day crowns. Contact our team now to learn more about your dental health options.