When should you start taking your child to see a provider of Garland preventive dental services? Most professionals, including those at Watson Family Dentistry, say that baby’s first trip to the dentist should occur at around their first birthday — if they have teeth, they need a dental check-up.

Providing the right Garland preventative dental care for your kids will allow them to develop the oral health they need to grow up strong. After all, your dental health affects your entire physical state. Caring for baby teeth may not seem too important, but preventive dental services in Garland TX help lay the pathway for stronger, healthier adult teeth.


Types of Garland preventive dental services

Every time you brush your teeth, you are engaging in preventive dentistry. The same goes for flossing and annual check-ups, along with cleanings and X-rays. What about protective services that can shield your family’s teeth from decay?

  • In addition to simpler Garland preventative dental care, Watson Family Dentistry also offers sealants and fluoride treatments to strengthen and protect your kids’ teeth.
  • We even offer services that protect teeth during sporting events, such as casting mouthguards to lower the risk of injury and damage on the field or court!
  • Your dentist can help you identify the right preventive dental services for your child at periodic check-ups. Drs. Jim and Mat recommend that you schedule preventive check-ups for your kids about every six months.
  • Some children may require more frequent visits, depending on their individual oral health needs. You should already provide the close attention to dental care that your child needs through careful brushing, flossing and education about the importance of oral health.

Finding the right dentist as a partner can reinforce those messages and make sure your child grows up with oral health as a priority. Ready to establish yourself with a reliable dental team? Contact Watson Family Dentistry now to get started with our Garland preventive dental services.