Watson Family Dentistry provides Garland dental digital imaging that proves more effective in detecting, diagnosing and treating an abundance of oral health issues. It’s just one of the powerful tools that we utilize to provide only the highest quality dental service to our patient families.


Not all practices provide Garland digital dentistry — many of them still provide more traditional forms of X-rays and treatments. However, with digital radiography, dentists get instant access to advanced radiography images that also make for detailed record keeping.


With our digital imaging and dental laser treatment in Garland TX, you can expect processes that are:


  • Safe: Exposure to radiographs is especially low when it comes to dental digital imaging in Garland TX. This is always a concern for patients that are worried about the effects of radiation. Still, when we administer our Garland dental digital imaging, we have our patients wear a lead apron as an added precaution.
  • Minimally invasive: This is especially true for our Garland dental laser treatment. We want to provide treatments for our patients that minimize pain and discomfort. That’s why we invested in advanced laser technology to handle anything from destroying tooth decay to re-shaping gums.
  • Effective: With Garland digital dentistry, your dentist will be able to detect and diagnose problems a lot more effectively. We’re always looking for evolutions in technology to help us become more effective in our jobs, and this is one such solution.



Experience the benefits of cutting-edge digital dentistry in Garland TX


Here at Watson Family Dentistry, we put these tools to use for patients of all ages. Our trained personnel will rely on Garland dental digital imaging to find developing problems in children, teens and adults alike. Trust your oral health with the professionals at Watson Family Dentistry — book your first appointment right now.