Dysfunction with your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) can be demoralizing and leave you feeling hopeless — the team at Watson Family Dentistry is devoted to remedying these types of problems with our Dallas TMJ pain treatment.


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Welcome to a qualified TMJ specialist in Dallas TX


At Watson Family Dentistry, we serve as a trusted Dallas TMJ doctor that helps men and women eliminate the pain, discomfort, tenderness and even the lack of functionality that can befall their Tempromandibular Joint, which is the joint that joins together both sections of the jaw.


Effective TMJ pain treatment in Dallas TX is important because extreme cases of dysfunction can lead to:


  • Intense pain and tenderness: Few things can be more demoralizing than constant pain, especially in a sensitive area like your jaw and face areas. Our Dallas TMJ pain treatment will eliminate this pain and tenderness.
  • Disruption to your everyday life: In some cases of TMJ dysfunction, you can have a hard time opening or closing your mouth completely. This can make it hard to eat, chew and do other things.
  • Annoyance: The ailment doesn’t have to necessarily be painful to cause a disruption. In some cases, patients experience a clicking or other sensation in their jaw that they can’t get rid of. We can address these issues with our TMJ dysfunction treatment in Dallas TX.



Find relief with our Dallas TMJ dysfunction treatment


The staff at Watson Family Dentistry is ready to see you and provide a thorough exam and X-rays. We will be able to diagnose your TMJ dysfunction and develop an effective Dallas TMJ pain treatment that will prove to be minimally invasive or painful. Get started now — book your appointment with us.