Dealing with serious tooth damage can be a big pain, unless you have access to Dallas same day crowns provided by Watson Family Dentistry.


At our dental clinic, we know that you do not relish the idea of having to wait for weeks to receive a traditional crown or implant, which is why we offer Dallas same day dental implants designed to suit your individual needs.


No more delays, no more inconvenience and no more pain while you wait for your dental appliances to process. Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of same day crowns in Dallas TX, all while receiving the quality oral health care you need and deserve. Let us show you the difference in service at Watson Family Dentistry.


How Dallas same day crowns work for you


Traditional crowns require a fairly significant wait time before they can be successfully implanted. This is because your dentist must first make a mold of your tooth, which is then sent to a laboratory, where a crown is manufactured.


Of course, it takes time for the crown to be shipped back and forth between the dentist and the lab — and what happens if the crown isn’t perfectly fitted? Well, you may be stuck waiting more than a month to have your dental issue addressed, all the while dealing with an uncomfortable temporary crown. Without Dallas same day dental implants, you could end up feeling frustrated and irritated because you are in too much pain.


With the advent of new technology, though, our dentists are able to offer Dallas same day crowns. No more waiting for the lab to build your crown — instead, we are able to do it right here in the office. This means that if something goes wrong, we can simply create another crown without having to wait. What a relief. Instead of waiting for weeks to feel better, you can have your implant in a matter of hours. Ready to get started? Contact Watson Family Dentistry today to learn more.