Here at Watson Family Dentistry, we make sure to stay equipped with the latest technology — and that shows through in our Dallas dental digital imaging and laser treatment capabilities.


As a leader in Dallas digital dentistry, the team at Watson Family Dentistry is able to produce instant, vivid radiography images of your teeth and gums in order to identify problem areas. Often, these are issues that are just developing, and by catching them early enough, our team is able to help patients avoid major pain and discomfort later down the road.


Our dental digital imaging in Dallas TX can even detect small pockets of decay, which is always the beginning signs of what will become a more serious problem. We put to use these Dallas dental digital imaging capabilities to provide a truly effective and proactive approach to your oral health.



Benefits of dental laser treatment in Dallas TX


Once the problems have been detected and diagnosed, the team at Watson Family Dentistry is also able to use cutting-edge tools to treat the issues. With our Dallas dental laser treatment, we are able to take precise aim at areas of decay or remedy a wide range of other issues, like re-shaping gums and more.


With this form of Dallas digital dentistry, our patients are able to unlock a method of treatment that will prove to be:


  • Comfortable: So many men and women put off a trip to the dentist because they fear pain and discomfort. With our innovative technology, we are able to minimize and, in many cases, eliminate, your discomfort.
  • Quick: Our digital dentistry in Dallas TX allows us to move quicker, limiting your time sitting in the dentist’s chair.
  • Effective: This is the only thing that matters to most patients — they want a solution that fixes the problem for the long haul. And, our treatments do.


Talk to us more about our Dallas dental digital imaging and laser treatment capabilities — we’d love to answer any questions you might have.