What are the benefits of choosing Allen same day crowns over traditional dental appliances? At Watson Family Dentistry, we believe that our clients deserve access to the best technology, which is why we have created an entire system for Allen same day dental implants at our facility.


Instead of having to wait around for your crowns’ molds to arrive at our office from a far-off laboratory, our clients can receive their crown and implant on the same day, right from the dentists’ chair. Let us show you the ease and convenience that accompany our same day crowns in Allen TX.


Innovative technology for your Allen same day crowns


Did you know that our Allen same day dental implants are created using a similar process as 3D printing? This high-tech method allows us to create implants and crowns right here in the office, instead of having to send off for expensive manufactured products created at laboratories.


Even better, this high-tech solution is generally no more expensive than a traditional crown, even though our clients receive their dental appliances in a fraction of the time. These ceramic crowns and implants have transformed modern dentistry and we are proud to bring them to your chairside. What are the benefits of chairside, same-day dental implants? They include:


  • Long-lasting durability, with the vast majority of clients reporting high rates of success even 18 years after the procedures
  • More comfortable digital impressions without messy chemicals
  • Fewer visits to the dentist’s office
  • Custom restoration that suits your needs.


When you need Allen same day crowns, why not trust the father-and-son team that has been providing high-quality dental service for years in your community? Drs. Jim and Mat Watson have a combined 45 years’ experience in dentistry, and they are ready to put their knowledge to good use for you. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.