The right care from an Allen preventive dental services provider can actually be good for your heart. Did you know that gum disease and heart disease are actually correlated?

New research released in the past few years demonstrates that your oral health is tied directly to your physical health — Allen preventative dental care has never been more important. That is why Watson Family Dentistry is committed to providing our clients with the most reliable preventive dental services in Allen TX.

We offer a comprehensive lineup of preventive, cosmetic and restorative dentistry services designed to improve your oral health and help you maintain a great quality of life. Stop worrying about the appearance and health of your teeth, and start living again with the help of Watson Family Dentistry.


Allen preventive dental services: A heart-healthy choice

Gum disease appears to be a determining factor in heart disease and other major health conditions. While researchers are not sure whether gum disease causes those ailments — or there just happens to be an association — it simply makes good sense to take care of your teeth. Why take a risk, increasing your odds of a fatal illness, if all you need is a trip to the dentist?

At Watson Family Dentistry, we offer the affordable, reliable Allen preventative dental care that can keep your teeth strong for a lifetime. These treatments include cleanings, assessments, fluoride application and sealants for kids, exams and other important services.

When it comes to your overall health, you simply would not take a chance. The same should be said for your oral health. In addition to daily flossing and brushing, make sure to take the time to work with a reliable provider of Allen preventive dental services, like Watson Family Dentistry. Our team of healthcare professionals provides you with the reliable, responsive services you need to stay healthy over the long term. Ready to get started with our dentistry team? Contact Watson Family Dentistry today to learn more and schedule your first appointment. We can’t wait to meet you.