So, you are dealing with unsightly, swollen gums and you don’t know what to do — time to call Watson Family Dentistry for an Allen gum disease treatment and assessment.


At Watson Family Dentistry, we know that the beauty of your smile matters, and we also know that gum disease can be incredibly uncomfortable. Still, with the right Allen periodontal treatment, you can return your smile to its previous shiny state, all while addressing the pain and discomfort that come along with gum disease.


If you suspect that you need gingivitis treatment in Allen TX, it is always wise to be conservative and reach out to your dentist right away. Getting the right gum disease treatment in Allen TX can prevent future health problems and keep your smile looking great for years to come.

Our approach to Allen gum disease treatment


Drs. Jim and Mat Watson, who have been practicing dentistry collectively for more than 45 years, know that each patient has individual needs in their Allen periodontal treatment.


That is why they are committed to providing a thorough assessment and customized plan for your periodontal treatment in Allen TX. Gum disease can be a serious ailment — poor gum health has even been linked to heart conditions and other major woes.


When you need Allen gingivitis treatment, you need a team that addresses your concerns and fixes the problem rapidly. At Watson Family Dentistry, we provide treatment options including;


  • Deep cleaning, also known as scaling
  • Medication such as oral antibiotics, antibiotic microspheres and easy-to-use antibiotic gel
  • Enzyme suppressants to prevent your body from promoting gum disease
  • And even surgical options, depending on the severity of your condition


You need a team you can trust for your Allen gum disease treatment. At Watson Family Dentistry, we have been serving the Dallas area for years, and we are proud to provide you with the solutions you need and deserve. Ready to get started? Contact our team now to schedule your assessment.